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BuyUCoin is Scam Website: BuyUCoin Review

BuyUCoin Review

Crypto currency market is going upright spiral in terms of popularity and this has attracted attention of plethora of scammers and thieves that like making money by cheating. One such website called has cropped up in Noida, India. A quick Google search reveals that the area is brimming with scammers and thieves. Buyucoin claims to be market leader in India which is quite funny since it is behaving like localbitcoins, unocoin and plenty of other startups do not exist. This is a major red flag telling you not to give a single cent to the people at Buyucoin.


Download Pivx Android Wallet: Official Pivx Android wallet available for download

download pivx wallet

Pivx has churned out its official mobile wallet for android devices. This will allow users to make mobile payments on the move. Pivx appears to be incredibly committed to their platform and have been fulfilling their promises one by one. There are already official Pivx wallets for windows, Mac, Linux and raspberry and people have been asking for mobile wallet from quite some time.


BTC-E site to remain offline for 5-10 days – Administrator Arrested for Money Laundering

btc-e down

Alexander Vinnik, Administrator of BTC-E has been arrested by Greek police for laundering four billion dollars using Bitcoin. Vinnik is a Russian national and was running very popular crypto currency exchange, BTC-e. The arrest warrant was issued by US Ministry of Justice and according to various reports, USA is looking to extradite Vinnik. The site in question has tweeted in Russian that it will remain offline for coming 5-10 days.


Chaincoin is fraud coin: 60 percent of total Chaincoins owned by 25 people

At crypto currency daddy, we like to make people aware of frauds and there is no bigger fraud than the chaincoin. Almost 60 percent of all coins are owned by the top 25 addresses. Make up your own mind if that’s good or bad. The people behind chaincoin are pushing popular video makers on YouTube to push people to buy as many chain coins as they can to get “rich quick”. So, ‘hodl-gang’ owns most of the coins which is something we do not suggest because sooner or later, they will be pulling the plug and the value of chaincoin crypto currency will plummet.

chaincoin fraud