ATB Coin brings fast and secure payment system to crypto currency world

ATB Coin is one of a kind blockchain based network that is designed to deliver amazingly fast, secure and near-zero value transfer. Lightning network allows the ATB Coin to transfer countless payments in one single second. This makes it ideal for both large and nano payments. ATB Coin not only offer POS and Lightning network but is also beefed up with SegWit which gives the entire blockchain improved scalability. It also enables execution of smart contracts and lightning network as mentioned above.

ATB Coin -review

The ATB Coin features a sleek, easy-to-use wallet that lets you send and receive cryptocurrency in matter of seconds. The wallet is fast, lightweight and offers clear interface. It will soon offer mining service and one will also be able to make use of cloud mining service by ATB Coin and several other third-party companies. ATB Coin wallet is currently in beta but is fully usable and users can send and receive coins already.

atb coin review

ATB Coin makes use of proof of stake (POS) in order to achieve distributed consensus within network that is secured by significant number of nodes. Coins of POS-based crypto currencies are created through staking. In other words, all nodes in the network that possess any amount of coins in their wallet and keep the node online are automatically included in the coin forging pool and are therefore are eligible to create and sign blocks, securing the distributed consensus.

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ATB Coin value is rising rapidly and it is perfect time to make this wise investment. It makes use ECDSA algorithm that is a public key cryptography algorithm that is associated with every coin in the system by means of employing a public key, private key and signature so that every node of blockchain can verify coin ownership.

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The company behind has already done its first two rounds of ICO but there are still two rounds left in which you get discount plus many other benefits.