BASE cryptocurrency is centralized and requires KYC

If you casually printing on coins and tokens on BASE cryptocurrency, well, we got bad news for you. KYC is mandatory and no-one has been able to bypass the KYC requirement when bridging off BASE. In other words, moving your funds from BASE to another cryptocurrency is not possible unless you do full KYC. 

BASE cryptocurrency

This has been confirmed by Coinbase, which says, “KYC requirements are vital for ensuring secure and compliant platform at Coinbase.” They have made it compulsory for all users, in order to safeguard the users from fraud. 

So, the BASE crypto is fully centralized and we would not expect anything less from a publicly traded company. Coinbase can be called just like a normal bank without physical building. Or you can say BASE crypto is a bank without FDIC protection. 

Some users say Coinbase have been sending them emails about KYC with requirements like they are applying for citizenship. 

In short, bridging your funds to BASE is a one way trip if you are planning to trade without full KYC. We are not making this up, you literally get an error on explorer which says “Error! Please submit your government ID on coinbase in order to make another tx [execution reverted]