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Zcash added to BitGo wallet and payment network

zcash bitgo

BitGo has announced support for Zcash. BitGo is a popular cryptocurrency wallet and world’s largest processor for bitcoin transactions. Infact, BitGo processes around 15 percent of total bitcoin transactions and total of 15 billion dollars across all of the supported cryptocurrencies. It has customer base in more than 50 countries around the world.


Zen Help hacked, ticket data compromised


Looks like Zencash can’t have a day without hacks. The team is now sending emails to all Zen Help users that ZenHelp website, a dedicated support system was compromised by hacker. In the hack, admin credentials were hacked and hacker got control of tickets data.


Ethereum Private (ETHP): Zcash and Ethereum hard forks [June 2018]

ethereum private

Ethereum Private is an upcoming hard fork of Ethereum and Zcash blockchain and promises to combine everything that is great about Ethereum and Zcash. Ethereum Private hard fork date is 13th of June 2018. Each Ethereum holders gets ETHP coins in 1:1 ratio while Zcash holders get 0.5ETHP for each ZEC they hold (1:2). So, if you have 2 ethereum, you get 2 ETHP and if you’ve 2 Zcash, you get 1 ETHP.