District0X added to Exodus wallet: Exodus adds DNT token

exodus wallet district0x

Exodus wallet has added District0X crypto currency which is one of the most popular crypto coin wallets out there. This is a big news for this new currency which is gaining traction rapidly. However, keep in mind that this is the Exodus EDEN which is a special version created by the Exodus’ developers to test out new crypto currencies.

This means Exodus Eden has no user support. However, it is working like a charm and excellent way to manage your funds especially if you own many currencies. Only those coins make to main, normal version that gain enough popularity.

So if District0X (DNT) does not get popular, there is a big chance Exodus may get rid of it. Infact, their new update removed many coins. Even the co-founder of Exodus says that coins that are being tested in Exodus Eden wallet are “very likely to break” which is just another way of saying that many crypto coins may never make the main version of Exodus.

However, Disctrict0X has distinctive features that sets it apart from the herd so it might hang around and eventually make its way to main version.

Again, use the Exodus Eden at your own risk as it has no user support. Exodus wallet is available for iPhone, Android and desktop.