Uniswap exchange is no longer decentralized

Uniswap team has announced that it will now start censoring tokens that are are potentially unfavorable to regulators. This includes synths / inverse synths, UMA protocol option tokens, Mirror protocol mirrored tokens, Opyn insurance tokens, gold Tether and other tokens.

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Learn How To Make A Crypto Loan – Brief Guide

Opting for a crypto loan is both a practical and attractive option for most borrowers, given the impressive growth of crypto currencies these days. Read on to get a detailed insight into how you can apply for a crypto loan.

bitcoin loan
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Binance Launchpad banned in China

Reports are coming in that Binance Launchpad has been banned to all users in China. Binance exchange other features are working normally. It shall be noted that Binance Launchpad is accessible to rest of world just fine.

binance launchpad
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DApp browser removed from Trust Wallet iOS version

trust wallet dapp support

DApp support will be completely removed from Trust wallet version of iOS. This is not happening to its android which will remain fully functional. Apple does not wants its users to visit any DApp websites which will why it is slowing asking all cryptocurrency wallets to remove DApp browser support from their apps. 

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Weibo blocks all cryptocurrency KOL accounts

weibo bitcoin ban

Weibo is often referred to as China’s twitter and today, it has done one of harshest suspension of cryptocurrency accounts in history. A large number of cryptocurrency KOL accounts have been blocked.

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