Wallet v6.5.0 adds custom BTC fee wallet has been updated to v6.5.0 and that brings myriad new features such as custom BTC fee that allows users to change default fee charges. If you want to have the transaction processed quickly, you can input higher fees or if you don’t mind waiting many hours, you can reduce the fees.

Bitcoin com Wallet

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Uniswap v2 exchange is now live

Uniswap team is thrilled to announce Uniswap V2 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainet. Today, Uniswap team is releasing a liquidity migration portal to make the process of withdrawing liquidity from Uniswap V1 and depositing it into Uniswap V2 incredibly fast and simple.

uniswap v2 website

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New at Trading? Start With GCG International

The concept that existed from day of mankind’s birth is the concept of trading. Since then it evolved side by side with humanity. This requires exchanging of items and goods from one person to another. Modern trading system covers range of trading items from consumer goods and products to Forex, CFD, Commodities, Endices, Cryptocurrencies etc.

GCG International
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Frontier Wallet introduces Lend and Earn

Frontier Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that has launched Lend and Earn wiht native integration of This is a simplified aggregator for optimizing lending into highest yielding protocols.

Frontier Wallet
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Wabi token coming to

Tael’s token WABI will soon be making its way to cryptocurrency exchange. WABI is a digital token that runs on Ethereum blockchain.

wabi cex
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