DApp browser removed from Trust Wallet iOS version

trust wallet dapp support

DApp support will be completely removed from Trust wallet version of iOS. This is not happening to its android which will remain fully functional. Apple does not wants its users to visit any DApp websites which will why it is slowing asking all cryptocurrency wallets to remove DApp browser support from their apps. 

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Weibo blocks all cryptocurrency KOL accounts

weibo bitcoin ban

Weibo is often referred to as China’s twitter and today, it has done one of harshest suspension of cryptocurrency accounts in history. A large number of cryptocurrency KOL accounts have been blocked.

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Square bitcoin hardware wallet in the making

CEO of Twitter has announced through his twitter account that Square is considering manufacturing a bitcoin hardware wallet. They have specifically mentioned that its entire code will be made open source and it would be made in collaboration with the community.

Square bitcoin hardware wallet
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DeFi100 coin exit scams and posts derogatory message for investors

DeFi100 coin has done a full fledged exit scam and this means, they have run away with 32 million dollars worth of investors funds. Upon opening DeFi100 website, users are greeted with message that says that they scammed investors and they cannot do sh*t about it. F*ck you moonbois.

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Huobi Global will not be stopping business operations

huobi global exchange

There is a strong ongoing rumor about Huobi Global, a popular cryptocurrency exchange stopping its business operations. Folks at theblockbeats have specifically confirmed that Huobi Global is operating normally, just like before and users’ funds on the exchange are totally secure. 

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Tesla suspends vehicle purchases using bitcoin

Few months back, Tesla added ability to purchase its vehicles as bitcoin. This was seen as a positive news for most of cryptocurrency world as its CEO, who is also world’s second richest person was basically promoting cryptocurrencies and blockchain to the world. Today, Tesla has announced that it has suspended vehicle purchases using bitcoin. 

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Value DeFi co-founder is paid actress on Fiverr

A lot of people like to earn extra money on websites like Fiverr but you would not expect to see a co-founder of a multi-million dollar asset on Fiverr. This was discovered by Crypto Bethany on twitter, who said that co-founder is an actress you can easily find on twitter.

value defi
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