PivX blockchain is under attack


Privacy-focused cryptocurrency, PivX is under attack. Their official twitter account has tweeted out about an undergoing attack on its blockchain. They have asked users to invalidate block to bring users running full node to get back to correct chain.

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Flare Litecoin airdrop date and details

Flare network is going to do an airdrop on all Litecoin holders, just ahead of its network launch in second quarter of 2021. This will allow Litecoin to be used on Flare with smart contract functionality. This will also give Litecoin interoperability.

flare litecoin airdrop
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Virgil Capital LLC funds frozen by SEC and charged with fraud

Virgil Capital LLC came on CNBC back in 2018 claiming they can make money of wild bitcoin price swings. Well, today SEC has announced that they have taken emergency action against them and frozen their entire assets, including all of their cryptocurrency assets.

virgil capital
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How to claim 1inch Airdrop by 1inch exchange?

1inch token airdrop

1inch exchange has done an airdrop to all of its 1inch exchange users who have performed a trade before September 15th 2020, total of four trades or minimum 20 dollars worth of trades before December 24th 2020. If you don’t qualify for one of these, you are not eligible for 1inch airdrop.

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How to claim TWT airdrop by Binance?

Binance has airdropped TWT tokens to all binance spot, margin and future traders. So, if you have received 100 TWT token in your Binance wallet, consider yourself lucky. However, these TWT tokens will vanish after 5th January 2021 so you must follow these steps to claim TWT airdrop by Binance.

claim twt airdrop
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Ledger Database leak: customers getting phone calls asking to KYC

ledger database leak hack

Hacker who stole entire Ledger database containing personal information of buyers like their real name, mail address and phone number has put the entire Ledger database on a forum called raidforums. This puts all of the Ledger Nano S and Nano X hardware wallet buyers at risk as they will now be getting lot of spam and phishing emails asking for secret phrase.

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DeTrade Fund exit scams, runs away with 1438 Ether

DeTrade Fund recently made it to Yahoo Finance where it was touted to disrupt cryptocurrency market with its arbitrage bots with a goal of beating crypto whales. Well, it exit scammed today, running away with whopping 1438 Ether that it raised during a private sale.

exit scam
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