3 Interesting Stories Surrounding Cryptos Right Now

Have you noticed how cryptocurrencies have become such a pivotal piece of day-to-day living that nowadays there isn’t a day that passes by in which we don’t hear news or stories about anything and everything concerning said currencies?

Crypto currency news
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College Games Betting with Ethereum

Everyone can find something to their liking in the world of college games betting with crypto. Every Saturday in the Big 12 offers a diverse range of compelling storylines and betting opportunities, ranging from defensive showdowns between championship contenders to high-scoring blowouts between two evenly matched teams to a defensive showdown between two title contenders.

Ethereum games
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Nano trading ticker changed to XNO Ӿ

nano new ticker xno

Nano Foundation has announced that they have changed the trading ticker and symbol of Nano to XNO and Ӿ respectively. So why the change? Well, Nano Foundation wants Nano to be considered as supranational currency and one of the main requirements requires Nano’s ticker to begin with X.

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Top Benefits That Cryptocurrencies Offer Day To Day Businesses

It’s almost the end of 2021, a year in which cryptocurrencies continued their ravishing rise to the top of all economic agendas around the world, and still, a plethora of day to day businesses are on the fence about fully accepting cryptos as a new form of monetary currency or not.

cryptocurrency wallpaper
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Port Ethereum NFT to Cardano using Bondly platform bridge

A bridge has been released by Bondly platform developers that allows NFT creators to move their NFTs from Ethereum to Cardano. This makes it an ecofriendly alternative as Ethereum still uses PoW (proof of work) for confirming transactions whereas Cardano is 100% PoS (proof of stake) blockchain.

nft bridge cardano ethereum
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Has Etherflyer exit-scammed?


Etherflyer was a semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange where you could trade Ethereum ERC-20 tokens. From past 3-4 months, the exchange has seems to have pulled a silent exit scammed, removing the exchange along delisting 100-something tokens that were traded there.

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Litecoin added to BRD wallet

Litecoin is now supported on BRD wallet. This will allow BRD users to send, receive, buy and trade litecoin directly from their wallet. Available for both iOS and Android, BRD wallet is experiencing amazing growth  in latin america, Africa and India. 

litecoin brd wallet
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