Was Open Ethereum responsible for 51% attack on Ethereum Classic?

On July 21st 2020, Open Ethereum team has decided to discontinue support for Ethereum Classic. This decision has been made in order to allow them to focus their development efforts on Ethereum Mainnet. They will focus our resources on one network to ensure the best quality in development, and they appreciate any fixes for issues on Ethereum Mainnet and related testnets.

open ethereum

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Ethereum Classic to move to SHA-3 mining algorithm for long term stability

Did you know that Ethereum Classic experienced a 51 percent attack couple of days back? The chain spilt into two and attacker replaced the blockchain history with attacker’s chain. This is a second 51% attack on Ethereum Classic blockchain within one year and due to this, ETC miners lost a large amount of ETC as they were mining on different blockchain.

51 percent attack on Ethereum Classic
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