Litecoin added to BRD wallet

Litecoin is now supported on BRD wallet. This will allow BRD users to send, receive, buy and trade litecoin directly from their wallet. Available for both iOS and Android, BRD wallet is experiencing amazing growth  in latin america, Africa and India. 

litecoin brd wallet
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4 Reasons Crypto Casino Hype May Be Overblown

As we move towards the future, it’s natural to start looking at new ways to fund our lifestyles. And what are online poker and other casino games, if not the building blocks of said lives? The idea of using cryptocurrencies to play online poker is an appealing one.

bitcoin casino
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Binance stops services in Singapore

Binance had previously stopped serving derivatives services in Singapore but today, they are pulling out of Singapore entirely. MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has announced that Binance cryptocurrency exchange has been put on its investor alert list.

binance singapore
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Cardano partners with Boost Mobile

IO Global, creator of Cardano, has announced its partnership with Boost Mobile. With this partnership, Cardano will be bringing world of global telecoms and the blockchain space together. This announcement was made at the IOHK summit 2021.

cardano boost mobile
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Litecoin official twitter account spread fake news about Walmart

litecoin walmart

Earlier today, official Litecoin twitter account, @Litecoin tweeted about Walmart, world’s biggest grocer has partnered with LTC Foundation and has started accepting LTC as one of its payment methods. Litecoin pumped as much as 30 percent within minutes and many reputable cryptocurrency websites posted about it.

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SEC going after Coinbase with their lend feature

Cryptocurrency holders have been earning yield by lending out their assets to various decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase recently announced that it would start offering 4% APY on USDC, its stable coin backed by USD. 

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The Social Media Point of View About Bitcoin to Dogecoin Development and Adaptability

Blockchain technology is a decentralized system running a consistent operation that should be scalable as technology advances. Contrary to financial institutions, governments or legal bodies do not influence digital currencies. On this blockchain, cryptocurrencies are digital coins that allow two individuals to make payments virtually. Each currency miner keeps a record of transaction history to minimize the risk of illegal cyber activities.

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