Waves and OmiseGO delisted by Binance

Massive news coming in from #1 crypto currency exchange in the world – Binance has announced it would be delisting four crypto projects from its platform. This includes Waves, OmiseGO, NEM and and Wrapped NXM. 

binance delisting

The one that raised eye brows are Waves and OmiseGO. Vitalik was a huge supporter of OMG project that was launched through a huge round of ICO back in 2017. Couple of years back, the entire OmiseGO was sold to a Thailand company that stalled pretty much all development behind the project. 

Waves coin enjoyed a massive rally back in 2021 and got a lot of media attention with its stable coin

However, it was labelled as pump-and-dump by various cryptocurrency experts. Same can be said about NEM which goes by XEM ticker symbol and Wrapped NXM (WNXM), both of which did not any development to talk about. 

A lot of users have been quite vocal about calling WAVES a scam project but its founder, Sasha was adamant about the development being done. 

Well, all of their trading pairs will be removed from Binance cryptocurrency exchange on June 15th 2024. Most of them are already down 25-35 percent due to the delisting announcement.