Free Blockchain domain now claimable

Blockchain wallet is one of oldest and most popular wallets for storing cryptocurrency out there. Today, they have rolled out an update that lets you claim free blockchain domain. 

blockchain wallet

There is one caveat though, you must do KYC to claim blockchain domain. Once you have verified, you must follow these steps. 

Update and log in to your App.
Head to settings and tap Domains.
Tap Let’s Go.
Search and select the domain you’d like to claim.
Agree to the disclaimer and tap Claim.
You can now receive crypto to your domain. 

The best part about these domains, as started by ENS, is ability to send and receive money without specifying those long, unreadable cryptocurrency addresses. For instance, you can have a single domain for all of your cryptocurrencies. 

So instead of giving someone your long bitcoin address, you can simply give your small, and easy to remember blockchain domain. This would ensure there’s no spelling mistake or error as well. 

Login into or open your wallet to claim your free blockchain domain. If you do not do KYC, you would not be able to claim the free domain.