What are price targets of WIF coin? 

In month of July 2024, WIF, a popular meme coin has been underperforming against pretty much all of other memes. If you ask the experts, it is rare to have this big of mindshare coupled with this kind of performance. 

wif coin

WIF coin price targets 2024

If you are bullish here, we feel WIF is heavily misplaced to the downside and in case, you’re bearish, then everyone that is going to buy has already bought. It is good to be on the sidelines. 

In our price analysis, you can see we are very bullish on WIF whose price has gone down from $4.5 to around $1.3. So, while WIF is underperforming against other meme coins, we have a strong feeling it will catch up soon. 

Long term, we feel that like any other meme, the bottom is zero. But that is true for almost any altcoin. But, if this is bottom, it will soon have a strong rally to the upside pretty soon. 

And the bag holders of WIF cannot rally around a fundamental anchor of sorts – for instance, look at the XLM and XRP baghodlers that are still hoping for banks and payment providers to adopt their token. 

For the current cycle, WIF will be top performer.