Germany sells 5200 bitcoins in a single day

German government has sold a whopping 5200 bitcoins in a single day. This is more than 52-percent of what they previously had in their wallet. 

germany bitcoin

This bitcoin was seized in movie piracy case. Interestingly, the Germany government is sending the bitcoin to different exchanges. So far, they have sent them to Kraken, Bitstamp and Coinbase. 

Right now, they hold 28998 bitcoin that is worth about 1.66-billion dollars. It is free money for them and they never actually bought or accumulated this much bitcoin

Is the dump over now? Nope, they still have 48-percent of what they had earlier so a lot of dumping can happen at any time. They could sell the bitcoin OTC and not disturb the charts but they went to the more violating way. 

But, just like last and every other time, Bitcoin will recover and make new all time highs. So, the quicker they are done dumping, the earlier the bitcoin will start pumping again. 

If you wanted to get bitcoin at cheaper price, this could the time to start buying bitcoin again.