Yunbi Lists TenX: One of biggest exchanges in China has TenX listed

tenx yunbi

Yunbi which is one of the biggest trading exchanges in China has the TenX PAY token listed. This was confirmed by TenX’s twitter account and we also confirmed on that TenX is infact listed there. What does this mean for TenX? Getting listed on a big trading website means more exposure and more people will be investing in TenX currency.

This can boost TenX price in a big way. TenX has a solid project in hand and they are expected to release web wallet on 14th August, 2017. They have also posted on twitter that they are in talks with other international and Chinese exchanges to get as much exposure as they can. TenX team has waited because of the panic behind Bitcoin Cash.

They are also working on solution to exclude PAY tokens that are stored on exchanges and in internal TenX contract so that only the contract holders get the 0.5% rewards.

The company will be shipping the cards by the end of September. This applies only to the waitlist up uptil this point in time. Future orders will begin rolling over that timeline.

So lots and lots of updates behind the hype and let’s hope the TenX team is able to live up to their hype.