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How to trade Ethereum ERC20 Token on EtherDelta, Decentrex or any decentralized ETH exchange: Trade ERC-20 Token on EtherDelta and Decentrex

trade any ERC20 token on Etherdelta Decentrex

If you want to buy or sell an Ethereum ERC-20 token before it hits any major exchange, it is a good idea to give decentralized crypto currency exchanges like EtherDelta and Decentrex a try. These exchanges are also excellent places to buy or sell a token that you got in an ICO. In this article, we will be explaining how to trade Ethereum ERC20 Token on EtherDelta, Decentrex or any similar decentralized ETH exchange.


Buy AEON Coin: AEON Wallet: How to use AEON wallet

In this article, we will explain how to buy the AEON coin. To buy AEON, we will need bitcoins and for that, we will be using coinbase or, both of which are most repeatable websites to buy bitcoins. We will be using coinbase’s screenshots. After you have bought bitcoins, we will be transferring them to the exchange. The most popular exchange for buying AEON is Do not close coinbase’s tab yet.


Buy Vertcoin: How to buy VTC crypto coin? Vertcoin buying guide

Vertcoin (VTC) is one of the most promising coins out there, offering decentralized mining, 1-click miner, web wallet, lightning network and incredibly talented and active developer team. The value of Vertcoin is slated to go sky-high and that is why one should buy Vertcoin crypto coin now to order to maximize their gains. Here are the steps on how to buy Vertcoin.


Signatum is privacy coin: Buy Signatum – Signatum Review

signatum review

Signatum takes you back to pre-ICO days when there used to be more ICO – only mining so nobody gets any kind of unfair advantage. It is a 100 percent GPU mining coin that is based on SkunkHash Raptor algorithm which is unique to Signatum. It is extremely privacy focused and you are reassured about its privacy features when you read its whitepaper, which is excellent for those who love mathematics too since it explains its algorithm in detail.