Auctus ICO Scam–empty github, reddit: Do not invest in Auctus Token sale

Auctus ICO Scam

If you invest in right crypto currency in its early days, then there is a good chance that you would not have to worry about investing in pension funds – like the new Auctus ICO. It claims to be the a smart contract powered pension funds but once you visit their website, you are presented with a big blue button pointing to a whitepaper. Nothing else – no other link – nada.

Their reddit page has meager 19 subscribers. There is no development taking place in their github. The “Demo” that was uploaded a “day ago” has total of six javascript files which is a huge RED FLAG.

There are total of 12-people on the Auctus ICO website. All thing makes no sense since there is no development whatsoever. They do not even have a wallet for storing the Auctus token.

auctuc project scam github

Ask yourself – do you want to invest in an ICO that is backed by fake team, empty github, no reddit activity? Better way to plan for pension funds would be investing your money in strong crypto currencies that are on the rise, for instance, Ethereum, Vertcoin, PivX and Litecoin.

auctuc project scam

Do your own research and invest wisely and do not fall for ICOs like Auctus.