Godaddy and ENS partners allowing customers to connect Godaddy domain with ENS name

If you have a ENS (Ethereum Name Service) name, you can now connect a domain bought on Godaddy with your ENS name. This can done for free, thus allowing users to seamlessly connecting the DNS to ENS and entire Web3 ecosystem. 

ens godaddy

Godaddy has added a new section inside their domain management interface called Crypto Wallet. They make use of Gasless DNSSEC, which allows users to associate an Ethereum address with their DNS domain name (.com, .xyz, etc.), allowing seamless integration with all applications that properly support ENS. 

We believe the best part is you can do it for free. Of course, you can enter your avatar, bitcoin address and addresses of other cryptocurrencies – not just an Ethereum address. 

For instance, Beyonce owns, and now she can set up a wallet just by going into the GoDaddy page and entering your address, as that is her wallet identifier for all. 

In other words, every single domain on the internet just became a potential crypto currency wallet. We don’t feel at all it is a threat for .eth regarding traditional TLDs can do hash association via ENS, instead, once the broadcast is on, it is like starting a high speed train, that no one can stop.