Signatum gets listed on Nova Exchange, price increases by 44%

Signatum is now available on novaexchange which is a great news for the new, budding coin that has been increasing its value everyday. However, the Signatum will see its best day when it makes its way to Bittrex or Poloniex which are the two biggest trading websites in world right now.

Signatum gets listed on Nova Exchange

While Novaexchange will bring new buyers to Signatum, it would really need something like bittrex to take it to the place it really deserves.

The coin is also listed on the front page on whattomine’s website so expect a lot of miners spreading the word about it as well. There are still some major challenges and hurdles in front of the dev team, but I think the talent is there to push through to a great product.

In our Signatum review, we were impressed with its privacy features and it has all the traits to become the next PivX or Monero, both of which have grown quite a lot since their inception.

Future is looking very bright for the Signatum crypto as it is showing natural growth and boasts solid programming and marketing people.

We will keep you posted once it gets listed on bigger crypto currency exchanges. Stay tuned.