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Change HKD for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ChangeNow exchange

There are myriad coin exchanging services but not all of them are allowed to operate in Hong Kong, preventing you to exchange HKD for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ChangeNow is already preparing to get a proper trading license from the SFC and the coin exchanging service has seen whopping 62-percent jump in total number of users and more than 200% jump in overall revenue. 

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Bybit reduces withdrawal limit for non KYC users

Starting December 15th 2022, non KYC users will be able to withdraw mere $20000 unless they opt for KYC (know your customer). Previously, this was 2 BTC, which is about $34000 right now. Most of the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have enforced compulsory KYC on their platforms and Bybit was one of few to allow users to withdraw without doing any sort of KYC.

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Sri Lanka does not want citizens to use bitcoin

Sri Lanka is under extreme economic pressure as it has less than $25 million foreign reserves left. Today, the so-called Sri Lankan government has announced that the citizens should not use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to go around the restrictions and regulations. The regular citizens are not banned from sending USD or any other foreign currencies outside Sri Lanka.

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President Biden to sign executive order on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

biden bitcoin executive order

US President Biden will soon be signing an executive order that will have direct effect on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and CBDCs. Keep in mind that no direct action will be taken from this order as it only lays out a process and series of deadlines for an interagency team to write framework around digital assets in 6 different, broad, categories. There are six categories of ‘objectives’ set out by the executive order.