Travala to discontinue BNB Beacon Chain support

BNB chain was first launched with BEP2 protocol, which was not compatible with Ethereum virtual machines, more popular known as simply EVMs. Binance then launched BNB BEP20 chain that allowed projects to move to EVM-compatible to their chain.

Travala to discontinue BNB Beacon Chain support

Travala has announced that on 14th of June 2024, it would no longer support deposits and withdrawals of tokens stored on Binance’s BNB Beacon Chain BEP2. This is being done line with the BEP2 network’s sunset plan.

This means if you deposit any token using BEP2 chain, they will not be credited to your Travala account. The best way to deal with this is by swapping them on Binance app or using a third party swapping website that might incur some fees, but this service is free on Binance cryptocurrency exchange app.

If you have tokens in your account which were originally deposited on the BEP2 network, they will be withdrawable in BEP20 or another supported network. Always confirm your wallet address and selected network before submitting a transaction, and do not rely on previously saved addresses.

Travala’s own token, AVA is also available for trade on Binance’s application that also gives numerous benefits to the users.