XMR delisted by biggest cryptocurrency exchange

Binance, world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by popularity and volume has announce that they would be delisting XMR on February 20th 2024. Other cryptocurrency projects that will be delisted alongside Monero include ANT, MULTI and VAI. 

monero binance

However, those three are being delisted due to inactivity from the developers, while on the other hand, Monero is getting removed for not compromising on the privacy front. 

Binance now requires deposits from all privacy cryptocurrency coins to come from a publicly transparent address. Monero has been using stealth addresses ever since it was launched back in April 2014. 

While other projects that focus on privacy have either have never used stealth addresses or have switched to transparent addresses by default. This includes ZCash (ZEC), Dash, PivX and even Litecoin which now offers optional Mimble Wimble privacy

Kraken exchange, which is another very popular in crypto world, said privacy is not a crime, further confirming that it will not be delisting Monero from its platform. 

Keep in mind you do not even need a centralized cryptocurrency exchange to trade Monero. You can make use atomic swaps that let you convert monero to another crypto without a centralized exchange involved.