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Litecoin Mimble Wimble deposits and withdrawals not supported by Binance cryptocurrency exchange

Mimble Wimble technology is incredible. It hides the sender’s address and lets you send secretly send Litecoin transactions without revealing transaction data. In order to remain compliant, many cryptocurrency exchanges have started either delisting Litecoin altogether or have asked users not to send any LTC using Mimble Wimble (MW) technology.

Litecoin Mimble Wimble

Recover funds from Litewallet – Extract Private Key from Litewallet – Litewallet Send Failed Not Connected error

Litewallet is officially endorsed as wallet of choice by, the website behind the Litecoin project. This wallet is amazing – simple and easy to use. But lately, a slew of users have been complaining about unable to send funds from Litewallet, getting Send Failed Not Connected error. The only way to access those lost funds is by extracting private key from Litewallet and pasting them in another cryptocurrency wallet.


Litecoin added to BRD wallet

Litecoin is now supported on BRD wallet. This will allow BRD users to send, receive, buy and trade litecoin directly from their wallet. Available for both iOS and Android, BRD wallet is experiencing amazing growth  in latin america, Africa and India. 

litecoin brd wallet