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T. – T lives in San Diego and is editor in chief of He got into cryptocurrency four years ago and has never looked back. He is 90% crypto, 10% fiat. Twitter – @CryptocInvestor

Vivian – He is the Associate Editor and lives in Brisbane. He covers charts, images and sometimes even text! He is a witty guy and offers free crypto lessons to Uber drivers. – @CryptoVivian

Kamaldeep Singh – He is the Executive Editor of and founder of HTML Ecosystem, the company which made possible. He lives in New Delhi and can be found tweeting about technology and cryptocurrency. Twitter – @kamalds

Taran – She is contributing editor here and owns OMG Altcoin. She got into crypto space during the December 2017 boom and stayed in the game for tech. Twitter – @TECHKAUR

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HTML Ecosystem is a prestigious technology firm that is forward-leaning and takes on trends and tools that are shaping the future economy. Find out more about HTML Ecosystem here.


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