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CryptoCoindaddy is an ambitious effort founded in 2017 to examine how the cryptocurrency will change life and things around us.

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T. – T lives in San Diego and is editor in chief of CryptoCoinDaddy.com. He got into cryptocurrency four years ago and has never looked back. He is 90% crypto, 10% fiat. Twitter – @CryptocInvestor

Vivian – He is the Associate Editor and lives in Brisbane. He covers charts, images and sometimes even text! He is a witty guy and offers free crypto lessons to Uber drivers. – @CryptoVivian

Kamal Singh – He is the Executive Editor of CryptoCoinDaddy.com and founder of HTML Ecosystem, the company which made CryptoCoinDaddy.com possible. He lives in New Delhi and can be found tweeting about technology and cryptocurrency. Twitter – @emphatic

Taran – She is contributing editor here and owns OMG Altcoin. She got into crypto space during the December 2017 boom and stayed in the game for tech. Twitter – @TECHKAUR

About HTML Ecosystem

HTML Ecosystem is a prestigious technology firm that is forward-leaning and takes on trends and tools that are shaping the future economy. Find out more about HTML Ecosystem here.


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