Innovative Plugin Fairloris – a true treasure for active Internet users


The new and unique Fairloris plug-in is a worldwide project of great social importance. It is designed for people who like to communicate on the Internet, read reviews on websites, share their own comments and share useful information with others. The plugin is an application for browsers which you are able to leave feedback and comments on every page, regardless of whether there is a commentary function or not. Anyone can use it – simply install the plugin into the browser. For the moment only a demo version is available at Chrome browser, but the developers promise to create a plug-in for all browsers and even a mobile application by the end of 2018. The last step is to create a browser with an integrated comment function. But that’s not all. Active participants of Fairloris will be rewarded with the crypto currency of the project. This is then exchangeable for real money.


How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card on CEX.IO

Anyone interested in buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency might have stumbled upon dozens of similar guides. In practice, buying bitcoins can be a confusing process. There are so many questions before you can even get started: Where can you buy bitcoins? Is it legal? Is it safe? Where can you get a good price? And many more. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


TenX Android App Updated with new UI

Tenx android app

TenX developers have updated the TenX’s android application that brings major user interface improvements and host of other updates. This includes new UX for expanding and collapsing in main screen page for multiple wallets. KYC documents submission bug has been fixed as well. The updated TenX application for Android will be available soon for download. An update for the iPhone app was pushed earlier this week that solved the email verification issue at signup.


Monaize is ebanking platform for small businesses: Monaize ICO release date – MNZ Token

Monaize ICO is slated to take place on November 10th 2017. This will be the first ICO that will make use of Komodo platform which was in news recently for atomic swap using electrum servers. In Monaize ICO, you get MNZ tokens. The date of ICO was recently postponed so that the Komodo team could properly test the Monaize dICO application to ensure it is able to run variety of stress tests that take time to perform and debug. This will also give time to Monaize team to properly familiarize themselves with Komodo’s new exchange BarterDEX, atomic swaps and SPV wallet.


Mobi Wallet Adds Litecoin support, uses Lites as unit

mobi wallet iphone

Popular crypto currency wallet, Mobi Wallet, has added support for Litecoin. Surprisingly, this new version makes use of Litecoin’s new unit, Lites as default where 1 Litecoin equals 1000 Lites. Other than Litecoin, Mobi supports more than 100 crypto and fiat currencies including USD and Euro. Mobi wallet is available for both iOS and android phones for free. You can use the wallet for sending and receiving payments. However, keep in mind that the private keys are not made available to the user – just like coinbase.


Buy AEON Coin: AEON Wallet: How to use AEON wallet

In this article, we will explain how to buy the AEON coin. To buy AEON, we will need bitcoins and for that, we will be using coinbase or, both of which are most repeatable websites to buy bitcoins. We will be using coinbase’s screenshots. After you have bought bitcoins, we will be transferring them to the exchange. The most popular exchange for buying AEON is Do not close coinbase’s tab yet.


BytePay is Free Bytecoin Payment Processor: Free Crypto currency payment gateway by Bytecoin team


Bytecoin developers have churned out BytePay, a payment solution that lets the business houses receive payments from consumers in Bytecoins. Bytecoin is one of the most popular crypto currencies and offers free transfers from one user to another, making it ideal for business houses and consumers. And since Bytecoin payments are usually processed instantly, the order is instantly processed. All the received payments are credited to the vendor’s external bytecoin wallet address after 6-hours.