JP Morgan adds Zcash into Quorum blockchain

JP Morgain adds Zcash into Quorum blockchain

Zcash (Zerocoin Electric Coin Company) and JP Morgain announced that they have started the integration of ZSL (zero knowledge security layer) technology on Quorum blockchain which is a JP Morgan’s Enterprise. This latest development will ensure confidentiality while supporting regulatory disclosure that is one of the key requirements in the field of financial industry applications. Earlier this year, JP Morgan and Zcash announced technology partnership to combine talents in developing distributed ledger financial technology. Microsoft is also gave its support to this very effort. All three companies, Zcash, JP Morgan and Microsoft are members of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

The announcement that was made today is best example of how big banks and financial institutions can work hand in hand to develop ground breaking tech for financial markets. This ZSL technology is available as open source software and all interested organizations can download and add its capabilities in their projects.

Zcash and JP Morgan vow to work with broader enterprise blockchain community to integrate the feedback and ideas in upcoming versions.

Marley Gray, Principal Program Manager for Blockchain at Microsoft said,

The implementation of ZSL for Quorum represents an important application of zero-knowledge proofs to the challenge of building a distributed trust infrastructure for enterprises. I expect that this is merely the first of many applications for this exciting technology.