NXT to be used as ICO platform: NXT coin future

NXT coin future

Jelurida has released Ardor timeline on their website and that mentions Nxt as simple and secure crowd funding solution for the new ICOs. All this will be done in first quarter of 2018. The Ardor’s release timeline also mentions in positioning the Nxt Blockchain Creator Kit as a viable solution for new blockchain projects. A lot of security related features will be added too. Permission layer and peer communication encryption for private blockchain solutions will added in this quarter as well.

Other things that are coming for Nxt platform include hardfork, freeze trading of ARDR asset and other assets included in the Ardor Genesis Snapshot. This will done between December 24th and 25th 2017. In second quarter of 2018, merge features added to Ardor which do not rely on the parent/child chain architecture.

Nxt is an excellent platform already with amazing web wallet that lets you access entire blockchain online without downloading any software. This crypto currency has been around from quite sometime now making it ideal for launching ICOs and other blockchain-related projects.

Each NXT holder will be getting free IGNIS tokens at the time of snapshot that will be taking place later in month of October. One IGNIS token = Two NXT coins so if you have 1000 NXT in your wallet, you get free 500 IGNIS tokens. Make sure to keep them in main wallet to be eligible. Third party and exchange wallets are not supported.