Innovative Plugin Fairloris – a true treasure for active Internet users


The new and unique Fairloris plug-in is a worldwide project of great social importance. It is designed for people who like to communicate on the Internet, read reviews on websites, share their own comments and share useful information with others. The plugin is an application for browsers which you are able to leave feedback and comments on every page, regardless of whether there is a commentary function or not. Anyone can use it – simply install the plugin into the browser. For the moment only a demo version is available at Chrome browser, but the developers promise to create a plug-in for all browsers and even a mobile application by the end of 2018. The last step is to create a browser with an integrated comment function. But that’s not all. Active participants of Fairloris will be rewarded with the crypto currency of the project. This is then exchangeable for real money.

Unique features and benefits of the Fairloris plug-in

The number and regularity of comments on social networking sites, thematic websites and forums, is growing steadily. Unfortunately, resource owners / administrators, do not always pay attention to their moderation. As a result, the quality of the content often goes down to zero.

The new Fairloris plug-in will be able to solve this problem and provides access to everybody, to real and up-to-date information. Through the installation, you have the opportunity to view comments, study, write comments and manage the reviews. The likelihood that fraudsters positing fictitious responses will be reduced almost to zero.

The main advantages of the new plug-in are:

Single registration procedure. You do not have to leave your personal data on a website to leave a comment. You simply sign up from any social network. After that, you have access to all comments on the Internet and all published resources.
Wide coverage of the audience and virtual space. You can easily share your impressions about resources, products, or services and find out what other users think about it.
Reliability of comments and commentaries. They gain unrestricted access to information provided by real people whose truthfulness and relevance need not be called into question.
User friendliness. The Fairloris plug-in works not only on computers, but also in the mobile version. Access can be obtained from any device.
Communicating on the Internet becomes even more interesting, useful and convenient. Install our test version on your computer or laptop and assess yourself the many advantages. The plugin opens up completely new, unprecedented possibilities for each user.

Fairlori ico

What does the application expect in the future?

The main version is designed for laptops and PCs. In the near future it is planned to publish Fairloris applications for Android, Windows Phone and iOS, which can be installed on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. It will also allow plug-in users to add images to all comments.

Smart investors recognize the potential of this novelty and haaving already now the possibility to buy LORI tokens at a minimum price of 0.01 ETH per piece. The release of the token is limited and will continue until the end of the ICO on 04.12.2017. The developers have foreseen the distribution of dividends on the LORI tokens in the crypt diet ETH (Ethereum). In other words, the new Fairloris plug-in not only contributes to real and honest communication on the Internet, exchanges and finding useful information, furthermore the plug-in is equally beneficial to both the user and the investor!