OmiseGo 2017/2018 Roadmap revealed: Wallet SDK, Plasma, Staking

OmiseGo 2017 2018 Roadmap

OmiseGo has released a roadmap for 2017 / 2018 year that shows various features and enhancements that will be to OMG users. In Q4 2017, first wallet SDK prototype will be released for workshop testing and development. This is followed by release of wallet SDK public release in Q1 2018. After that, public blockchain will be released to the OMG users which will make staking possible. Then in Q3 2018, cash in/out touchpoint interface with payment gateway will be released.


Litecoin support added Edge Wallet, previously known as Airbitz

Edge wallet litecoin support

Airbitz has renamed itself to Edge Wallet and added support for Litecoin. The app has been completely redesigned and with its new release, the company is focusing on Edge Security that promises to challenge conventional security models. Edge welcomes contribution of other developers to add their support for their blockchain. For that, they can make use of a simple plugin that enables Edge wallet to work with their crypto currency.


ZenCash Arizen Wallet Launched: ZenCash Light Wallet–Remote Node Wallet for ZEN

zencash arizen wallet

ZenCash team has officially released v1 of the Arizen wallet. This is a light wallet that makes use of the remote node which means you can start using it right away – no need to download entire blockchain. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, this wallet allows you to create and manage multiple ZEN address. Anything and everything stored by the ZenCash Arizen wallet is encrypted and stored only on your local storage.


Qtum iPhone app available for download: Qtum iWatch app

qtum iphone download

Official Qtum mobile wallet application has been released. This makes Qtum the world’s first smart-contract capable mobile wallet. This means you will be able to make smart contracts on the move. Of course, you will be able to send and receive Qtum – just like other crypto currency wallets. It makes use of the iPhone’s touch ID feature to keep the funds secure and also allows faster access. It is much faster to swipe your thumb than enter the PIN.


Palm Beach Confidential and ZenCash: PBC reassures its readers about ZEN

ZenCash palm beach confidential

This is the best time to invest in ZenCash thanks to folks at Palm Beach Confidential who selected this very coin for their paid readers. A screenshot has been leaked by this reddit post which is suggesting them to hold on their investment in ZenCash. It adds that they were able to spike the price all the way to $28 on the first day itself and also bought the price down to $16 to re-buy it at cheaper price. Palm Beach Confidential assures its readers that ZenCash will be a big winner for them – just like Monero which has grown 4x times already.


Coinbase supports Bitcoin Segwit2x, rejects Bitcoin Gold

Coinbase Bitcoin Segwit2x bitcoin gold

Coinbase, the most popular bitcoin exchange in USA has issued a statement about the upcoming bitcoin forks, Segwit2x (Bitcoin2x) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG). Segwit2x fork date is November 16th 2017 while the Bitcoin Gold fork occurred on October 23rd 2017. Due to lack of information about Bitcoin Gold, Coinbase has decided not to support it so you won’t get free BTG for your bitcoins. However, you will get free Bitcoin2x coins for the upcoming Segwit2x fork.


Kyber Network announces partnership with Enigma, OPSkins and WAX

Kyber Network partnership with Enigma, OPSkins WAX

Kyber Network has announced its partnership with three companies, WAX (worldwide asset exchange), OPSkins and Enigma. Kyber Network will be facilitating the payments on all three platforms which are already accepting bitcoin. OPSkins also has plans to start offering buyers to pay using Ethereum. Kyber Network will allow instant buy and sell of digital assets and also provide payment APIs that will allow them to receive payment in any crypto currency.


Red Pulse Exchanges, Coin Supply and Trading Pairs

red pulse coin supply

Kucoin will be the first crypto currency exchange to list Red Pulse (RPX) coin. Two pairs – RPX / BTC and RPX / ETH will be made available and sellers will be able to deposit their RPX to Kucoin at 12:00, 26th October 2017 (UTC+8). Trading will start eight hours later at 20:00. Kucoin is a Chinese exchange and will allow Chinese and other users to buy/sell various crypto currencies including RPX token.


ICO ban coming to Japan? Japan ICO ban could be devastating for startup companies

japan ico ban

Japan is responsible for 63 percent of total bitcoin trading. It is also home to lot of companies that do ICO but rumors are brewing that Japan could be next big country to ban ICO (initial coin offering). Company launches an ICO to raise funds from the public and it is touted as the best method to raise funds from the potential investors. Japan was the first country to support bitcoin as legal tender but the country is signaling to follow a different approach for ICOs.


OmiseGo Airdop Code Released: Download OMG Airdop code

Download OMG Airdop code

OmiseGo is the most successful Ethereum ICO till date. Today, the company has released code for the airdrop that successfully completed on September 24th 2017. OmiseGo team says that it did total of 5242 transactions to send more than 7 million OMG tokens to whopping 460,000 Ethereum holders that qualified for the airdrop. Since then, there have been myriad requests to release the code to the public. OmiseGo team has listened to its community and shared the code with the public. They feel that the airdop code will be useful for the Ethereum community so that other Ethereum-based tokens can do a similar airdop for their crypto currency.