BarterDex decentralized Atom swaps exchange will let you trade without signup or permissions

barterdex komodo

Last month we posted about how the atomic swap between Komodo and Bitcoin was performed using only electrum servers. In the same article, we mentioned how this will made available to the public as “BarterDex”. The developer behind this upcoming decentralized exchange has spilled some more features on the official slack channel of barterdex.

This includes:

a) realtime orderbook with automatic utxo selection for both alice and bob
b) autoprice to update your prices in realtime with some simple equations for now
c) liquidity multiplier that allows to ask for a sale one time per other coin
d) electrum support which means no need to install and sync a blockchain
e) zeroconf support that allows atomic swaps to complete in 10-30 seconds which makes it great for demos and testing and trading with known people
f) variable coin confirmation negotiated on a per atomic swap basis, allows each user to specify the required confirms on a coin by coin basis.

g) dynamic utxo substitution that allows bob to have just one deposit utxo per active swap
h) portfolio api that allows to set desired percentage of NAV you want each coin to have and it automatically makes trades toward that goal. This requires the appropriate orders on the orderbooks to appear
i) support for more than eighty coins
j) easy to use GUI is missing right now but that is making some good progress as it is a must to be ready for dICO.