Claim Bitcoin Gold: How to get Bitcoin Gold – Bitcoin Gold Wallets

claim bitcoin gold

Claim your free bitcoin gold. Everybody knows about the free BTG but there is scarce information on how to claim bitcoin gold. This new cryptocurrency was forked out of bitcoin’s blockchain on 24th October 2017 from block height of 491407 and to be eligible, you must know the private keys of your bitcoin wallet or use a wallet that automatically credits it for you. In this article, we will be making use of an android wallet to claim bitcoin gold.

For some reason, Coinbase has not given support for Bitcoin Gold ad instead would be supporting segwit2x bitcoin., on the other hand has already credited its users with bitcoin gold and will also be supported Bitcoin segwit2x.

If you use a desktop wallet or online bitcoin wallet, no need to fret. All we need is the “recovery seed” or seed words. These are 12/18/24 word phrases that all wallets ask you to store in safe place. Once you have that, download and install coinomi wallet from play store.

Restore your wallet using the recovery key you got earlier. One it shows the bitcoin in the wallet, click on “+ Coins” and select BitcoinGold from the list of supported coins > advanced settings > In the derivation path, write M/44H/0H/0H

It it 0 (zero) not O character. Now click ADD. That is it – you have successfully claimed Bitcoin Gold. Keep in mind that trading is not active at the time of this post so it is not possible to dump your free BTG.

Another thing to keep in mind that Segwit bitcoin addresses are not yet supported in Coinomi wallet. This means that if the address starts with number 3, you will not be able to add it in the wallet and thus, won’t be able to claim bitcoin gold.

The snapshot of bitcoin gold was taken place on 24th of October 2017 at an unknown time. Make sure to download wallet using our link as there are tons of fake coinomi wallets around.