Kyber Network and StormX announce partnership

Kyber Network and StormX partnership

Kyber Network was a successful Ethereum ICO with Vitalik Buterin listed as advisor. The company has announced its partnership with StormX, which is a blockchain based platform which makes use of smart-contracts to manage micro tasks between buyers and sellers. StormX was founded in 2014 and has achieved more than a million downloads across whopping 187 countries. Its users have been able to earn cryptocurrency for playing new games, products and services from their app, Storm Play.

Now the company is planning to expand their product offering by making Storm Shop and Storm Gigs to increase earning opportunities. This will allow the users to earn STORM tokens by performing various tasks that include machine learning, Q/A testing and P2P freelance tasks.

So what is the role of Kyber Network here? Right now, only STORM tokens can be used to make payments on Storm Play ecosystem. Kyber will be empowering crypto currency holders to purchase services without holding STORM tokens. It will also be used to enhance usability and accessibility of StormX platform.

The crowdsale will start on November 7th. The company has enjoyed overwhelming positive response. The people who have registered for it will be able to contribute using Ethereum.