NEO Paper Wallet Creator: How to create or restore NEO paper walet

neo paper wallet creator

If you cannot afford a NEO hardware wallet or do not like their idea, you can still safely store funds on a NEO paper wallet. This is similar to Litecoin and bitcoin paper wallet. Here is how NEO paper wallet works – you send the funds from your current wallet to public address of NEO paper wallet. Once you have done it, you can track your funds at which is a blockchain explorer. If you wish to send it to another wallet, use the private key to log into NEO desktop wallet and send the funds.

You will also be able to claim GAS with NEO paper wallet. Here is how you generate NEO paper wallet.

First, visit and generate a new wallet. Make sure to save both public and private key. If you lose private key, your funds are irrecoverable. You must make multiple copies of these keys – just do not store them online.

1 – Your public key: This is the address where you can send your coins.
2 – Your private key (WIF): This is your private key and YOU NEED IT to access your funds! WRITE IT DOWN on a paper and store it safely.

When you want to access your funds, download the official desktop wallet from Fire up the wallet and right-click on the white area and click on “Import from WIF…”. Then, input your WIF key and click “OK”. Rebuild the index to view all your transactions.

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