NXT IGNIS ICO Snapshot date: JLRDA Snapshot Date

NXT IGNIS ICO Snapshot date

The IGNIS ICO completed on November 4th 2017. This makes the IGNIS first ICO to make use of NXT as base. So now that the ICO has concluded, 100 million JLRDA + all unsold JLRDA from the last round minus marketing expenses are put up for sale for 1.45NXT. Any unsold JLRDA tokens will be kept by the Jelurida until the IGNIS shapshot is done. They will be used for promotion and fund future development.

IGNIS shapshot date is Dec 28th, 2017, at block height 1,636,363. So if you did not participated in the IGNIS JLRDA ICO and you hold NXT tokens, you will get IGNIS tokens in 1 NXT = 0.5 IGNIS ratio. For instance, if you hold 1000 NXT tokens on snapshot date, you will get 500 IGNIS free of cost.

Around 440,000,000 million IGNIS tokens were offered to the general public in the crowd sale and 60 million were kept by its parent company, Jelurida. These funds will be used for further development, promotion and maintenance.

For 1 JLRDA token, all the participants will be getting 1 IGNIS coin when this snapshot takes place in December. The IGNIS ICO started on August 5th 2017 and ended on November 4th.