PivX Core Wallet 3.0.4 released; solves blockchain, zPiv bugs

PivX Core Wallet 3.0.4

PivX has released final, stable version of the v3 wallet that irons out zPiv and blockchain related bugs. It also includes numerous fixes over previous releases. Before doing the update, make sure to backup the wallet.dat file and copy it someone. If you use CLI/Linux, you can backup using the command ./pivx-cli backupwallet.

If you were already on v3.0.4 RC2 or RC3, there is no need to download the blockchain again but if you have not upgraded to other of those who releases, you will have download entire blockchain again. For that, go to Tools > Wallet Repair > Delete Local Blockchain Folders (-resync). This will close the pivx wallet and restart the downloading process.

You should not loose any coins during the upgrade. The wallet id designed to convert 10 percent of your total PivX balance to zPiv. If you do not wish to use zPiv functionality, you can disable it by editing the pivx.conf file and adding enablezeromint=0. Do not do it while the wallet is active and running. Another way to do disable ZPiV is by going to Tools > options > increase preferred automin zPIV Denomination to a very high value like 5000.

Download the latest PivX wallet from here.