BitConnect website blocked by Malware bytes anti malware software

BitConnect website malware

MalwareBytes has added BitConnect website to the list of its blocked sites. One of the users enquired about this on Malwarebytes’ website thinking it could be a false positive but the staff member immediately responded by saying “fortunately, this is not a fp (fake positive)”, implying that the BitConnect’s website is indeed harmful for the users. Bitconnect crypto coin has been getting a lot of heat lately. Bitconnect has been deemed as Ponzi scheme. It promises its users 500 percent return in cash. In addition, users also get guaranteed profit of over 90 percent. The team promises users there is no risk of loss which raised quite a few eye brows.

The team has been crucified in myriad news publications and forums for manipulating the price of Bitconnect coin to convince their userbase to buy their currency with bitcoin and return it to them after a period.

BitConnect website blocked by Malware bytes

Sources have told us that the company behind BitConnect will dump off entire investment of their users once a certain level is reached. But if the people want to use the Bitconnect, they are free to do so There will always be get-rich schemes and it is totally upto you whether you fall for such schemes or not. Always do your research before investing a crypto coin or ICO.