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Send Litecoin using SMS text message using

litecoin sms text

While a lot of us have shifted to smartphones now, there are still some countries where people use basic phones on daily basis. Also, there are several areas, even in developed countries, where you might not get internet. In such places, you won’t be able to send cryptocurrency to anyone. But folks at want to change that by bringing Litecoin services to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have access to the internet. So even the basic phone users are able to manage their Litecoin wallet with ease.


TenX Litecoin debit card coming soon: TenX announces partnership with Litecoin Foundation

tenx litecoin card

TenX developer team has added support for Litecoin on both iOS and Android versions of TenX wallet. The team has already done some live testing of it. Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin tweeted about it saying, “TenX recently added LTC to their wallets, and we are working with them to launch a Litecoin debit card. Stay tuned for more information. LitePay who?”


KuCoin Adds USDT pairs for Litecoin, Ethereum Classsic, OCN and TEL


The fast growing cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin has added USDT pairs for Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, TEL and OCN. USDT stands for US Dollar Tether. Tether is 1 to 1 with USD and since it is an Alt coin you do not have to pay capital gains yet since technically you did not trade an asset into US currency. Having a USDT pair allows the user to keep everything in terms of United States dollars. Some do not like keeping their trading capital in Bitcoin. They do not see trading against BTC as the goal and think that think that since everything in real life is fully tied up to the fiat system, it is better to trade against USDT.


Litecoin support added Edge Wallet, previously known as Airbitz

Edge wallet litecoin support

Airbitz has renamed itself to Edge Wallet and added support for Litecoin. The app has been completely redesigned and with its new release, the company is focusing on Edge Security that promises to challenge conventional security models. Edge welcomes contribution of other developers to add their support for their blockchain. For that, they can make use of a simple plugin that enables Edge wallet to work with their crypto currency.