Send Litecoin using SMS text message using

litecoin sms text

While a lot of us have shifted to smartphones now, there are still some countries where people use basic phones on daily basis. Also, there are several areas, even in developed countries, where you might not get internet. In such places, you won’t be able to send cryptocurrency to anyone. But folks at want to change that by bringing Litecoin services to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have access to the internet. So even the basic phone users are able to manage their Litecoin wallet with ease.

With, you’ll also be able to send Litecoin to those who don’t already have a Litecoin wallet, or to those whose wallet address you don’t know, even if the recipient has no idea how to use cryptocurrency.

How to use Litecoin over SMS using

Open telegram and search for LiteIM_bot. This is a bot that will let you manage your LTC via Telegram. This version of features Telegram bot that lets users send commands to check their Litecoin balance, reveal a Litecoin address for receiving funds, or to send Litecoin to a Litecoin.

What is LiteIM_bot?

A full-featured conversational Litecoin wallet. Register for a free account and start receiving payments in a snap.

As you can see, you still need internet to interact with Telegram but another bot that interacts via SMS message instead of Telegram will be released soon.

Project is open source and you can check their code at Github.