TenX Litecoin debit card coming soon: TenX announces partnership with Litecoin Foundation

tenx litecoin card

TenX developer team has added support for Litecoin on both iOS and Android versions of TenX wallet. The team has already done some live testing of it. Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin tweeted about it saying, “TenX recently added LTC to their wallets, and we are working with them to launch a Litecoin debit card. Stay tuned for more information. LitePay who?”

TenX has also partnered with the Litecoin foundation to introduce a co-branded card that will be made available soon. After sudden demise of Litepay, looks like this will become the preferred payment solution for Litecoin users. It will have its own wallet.

The future looks great for TenX as the team is working hard to get their cards in working state again. The news about TenX and Litecoin partnership was very positive for the TenX’s PAY holders which experienced decent growth today. This was expected as Litecoin enthusiasts are excited to spend their Litecoins using the TenX’s LTC card.

Also, the PAY token will now show for new users / fresh installs. Blockfolio offers best cryptocurrency management and it shows users detailed price and market information of their entire portfolio. You also now see Team updates which will allow you to stay abreast with TenX’s latest team updates.