Litecoin instamine happened too, blockchain does not lie

litecoin instamine

A lot of us in the media thrash Dash for doing huge instamine but many do not cover about Litecoin instamine.

There is graphical evidence for the LTC instamine which started at the block 3 and continued from there.

If you take a quick glance at the block 3, you will see that 50 coins were released per block which means 500,000 LTC were mined in first 24 hours of its launch.

Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator says that this is perfectly normal and this looks like instamine due to difficulty adjustment feature that is found in Bitcoin code. Litecoin and Dash are a fork of Bitcoin and inherited difficulty adjustment feature.

So, is Charlie Lee displaying double standard towards Dash.

charlie lee litecoin instamine deleted tweet

In his now-deleted tweet, he claimed how with Litecoin everyone had a fair chance to mine but with Dash, there was instamine.