Mimble Wimble transactions on Litecoin blockchain a success

Privacy layer will soon be added to Litecoin cryptocurrency and it will come with Mimble Wimble technology. David Burkett is the person working behind integrating this tech onto Litecoin blockchain and today, he said that blocks with Mimble Wimble transactions can now be attached to the Litecoin’s chain.

Mimble Wimble Litecoin

He added that work has started on the mempool logic. Tentative plan shared for the remainder of the work necessary to launch the testnet.

Since Litecoin is more-or-less Bitcoin’s testnet, so it could be a big hint that a privacy layer might be added Bitcoin in future.

By end of June, David hops to start mining valid chains with Mimble Wimble extension blocks.

So when will Mimble Wimble integration get completed? Well, he has mentioned in a post on litecointalk.io that by September 2020, first Mimble Wimble testnet will go live and after thorough testing for few months, Mimble Wimble technology will be integrated into the Litecoin’s mainnet blockchain.

Litecoin supporters donated 100 LTC last month for this effort and Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin added another 100 LTC.

Their goal is to raise $6000/month for 12 months which will give David a total of $72000 and hopefully by the end of this deal, Litecoin crypto will enjoy an optional privacy layer.