Huobi to launch Litecoin Contracts on January 25

Huobi DM will be launching Litecoin (LTC) contract trading on 25 January 2019 at SGT 18:00.

huobi litecoin contract

Huobi DM will launch other altcoins contracts successively. Here are the details of their LTC Contract.

Digital Currency    LTC
Underlying Object    LTC/USD index
Contract Multiplier    1 USD/point
Price Quotation Unit    Point
The Minimum Price Change    0.001 point
Contract Types    Weekly,    bi-weekly and quarterly
Face Value    10 USD
The Minimum Margin Ratio    The minimum margin for
lx leverage is 100% 5x leverage is 20% 10x leverage is 10% 20x leverage is 5%
Adjustment Factor    Adjustment factor for lx leverage is 2%
5x leverage is 10% 10x leverage is 20% 20x leverage is 40%
Last Trading Price    Users can still trade till the last 10 min before delivery,    when
users can only close positions,    but not open positions
Delivery Date    At 16:00 p.m. (UTC+8) of the Friday before the expiration week of the contract
Delivery Method    Settled in digital asset price difference
Fees Rate    Open positions Maker : 0.02% Open positions Taker : 0.03% Close positions Maker : 0.02% Close positions Taker : 0.03%
Delivery Fees Rate    0.05%

Index References

Bitstamp – LTC/USD – 25%
Gdax – LTC/USD – 25%
Kraken – LTC/USD – 25%
Huobi – LTC/BTC – 25%