Zcash Sapling update delayed by six weeks, developers need more testing time

Zcash Sapling update delayed

Sapling is next major upgrade for the Zcash coin which was supposed to be roll out before September has been postponed. This will not affect timeline of Zcash Overwinter update that will be activated on June 25th 2018 and so are other related activities like third party security audits.

The Zcash Sapling has been delayed by six weeks which is one release cycle. This is done in order to support safe protocol upgrades and provide third party adequate amount of time to implement and test the releases. You can already fine the updated schedule on Zcash website and github.

New block height for the Zcash Sapling update will be made available on release of v2 on August 12th 2018. This activation will be done on October 28th 2018.

The Zcash Sapling will pave the way for broad mobile, exchange and vendor adoption of Zcash shielded addresses. This functionality gives total privacy in hands of both consumer and vendor.

Third parties are requested to use the v1.1.2 to test Sapling which will be made available on July 1st 2018 and its support will end on October 21st 2018.