Disable Miner Fee in EWBF Miner – How to disable developer fee in EWBF?

Do you wish to remove the developer fee of 2 percent that comes with the EWBF AMD and Nvidia Cuda Zcash miner? The new version is better than ever but includes a 2 percent developer fee. This means every hour, the Nvidia Zcash miner app will mine for few minutes for the developer. This way the developer gets some money in his Zcash wallet.

Disable Miner Fee in EWBF Miner

Disclaimer: We strongly suggest keeping the developer fee on but someone asked us do an article on so here it goes.

Open the batch file in notepad and add –fee 0 at the end of file and save it. So it should now look like this.

miner --server asia1-zcash.flypool.org --port 3333 --user t1JsDuZtJgG9hLW4izZaetym4WBMq9tACdq.rig0 --pass x --fee 0

Some people are not too happy about the developer fee since many are already paying 1-2 percent for the pool and simply do not want to pay another 2 percent to the developer. We totally understand that developer too needs to get paid in some way for the hard work done by him.

Fortunately, we have not seen any noticeable slowdowns in the working of the Zcash miner and it is giving same Sol/s as it was giving before.