Ycash Foundation releases development roadmap


Team behind Ycash, a friendly soft fork of Zcash, has released its first development roadmap. The Ycash Foundation will fund projects in four key areas.

* Improvements to ycashd and YecWallet
* Light Wallets
* Merchant Tools
* Mining Algorithms

Here is the work that has already been done or in “initial planning” stage.

Improvements to ycashd and YecWallet

YecPaperWallet. Status: Completed July 29, 2019.
Fast-sync mode for ycashd and YecWallet. Status: Completed July 30, 2019.
Nullifier Migration Tool. Status: Completed August 16, 2019
Incorporate Upstream Changes from zcashd v2.0.6. Status: Completed August 16, 2019.
Diversified Addresses. Status: In progress.
Better Rescanning and Private Key Importing. Status: Completed August 16, 2019
Viewing Keys. Status: In progress.
Wallet Encryption. Status: Initial planning.
BIP39 Seed Phrase Support in ycashd and YecWallet. Status: Initial planning.
Trezor Integration. Status: Investigating feasibility.

Light Wallets

Light Wallet Based on ZLiTE System. Status: Initial planning.
Commercial Service for Light Wallets. Status: Initial planning.

Merchant Tools

Point-of-Sale Systems for Accepting Ycash. Status: Initial planning.
Encrypted Memo Tools. Status: Not yet commenced.

Mining Algorithms
Investigate Proof of Work Mining Algorithms Tailored to Commodity Hardware. Status: Not yet commenced.