CEX.io adds Neo, Gas and enables staking rewards

cex io neo gas

Popular crypto exchange, CEX.io has added two coins, Neo and Gas on their website for trading. Not only that, staking rewards have been enabled as well.

Holding Neo in any compatible wallet will generate Gas that can be bought or sold on CEX.io as well. Simply buy supported staking crypto on CEX.​IO or deposit it to your CEX.​IO account. Your staking reward will be added to your balance automatically.

Cryptocurrencies currently available for staking on CEX.​IO: NEO, ONT, TRX, MCH. More are expected to be added soon. With other staking service providers, coins participating in staking are locked. But with CEX.​IO, you can trade and even withdraw your staked funds at any moment.

To make this staking feature more attractive, CEX.io is offering upto 20% annual staking rewards.

The NEO blockchain has a dual-token system:

* NEO tokens represent ownership of the NEO blockchain.
* GAS tokens are used as a transactional currency for running apps, executing contracts, and paying dividends to NEO token holders.

cex io staking rewards

At the moment of writing, NEO ranks 21st on CoinMarketCap, with an over $750 million market cap. With a daily trade volume of more than $470 million, it’s one of the most traded cryptocurrencies. The GAS token has an over $10 million market cap and a daily trade volume of more than $1.6 million.