CEX.io lists LTC/EUR, LTC/GBP and XRP/GBP pairs

cexio gbp

CEX.io, a popular cryptocurrency exchange has launched three new pairs on its website. This includes LTC/EUR, LTC/GBP and XRP/GBP pairs. LTC/EUR and LTC/GBP bring more trading options for the Litecoin market before its halving, which is expected to happen on August 5. XRP/GBP expands the pairs in the Ripple market.


CEX is a popular website that lets you buy cryptocurrencies directly using credit card, debit card or bank transfer. You can see CEX.io as an alternate to coinbase which is also available in the UK.

Just keep in mind that KYC is mandatory on CEX.io. Without KYC, you won’t be able to withdraw any funds or even make trades.

Until now, there were no direct LTC/EUR, LTC/GBP or XRP/GBP pairs and due to that, British users had to go the long way when buying Litecoin or Ripple in UK. This meant buying bitcoin with credit/debit card or bank transfer, then buying Litecoin or Ripple using the bitcoin pairing, ie, LTC/BTC and XRP/BTC. This also meant paying commission twice.

With these new pairs, you will be paying commission only once and getting more crypto out of every buck you spend on CEX.io.

Once you have bought the cryptocurrencies, we recommend storing them in an offline or hardware wallet. Exchanges are never a safe place to store crypto currencies.