IndImm lets you upload any file to Ripple blockchain

upload files to ripple blockchain

IndImm is protocol that allows users to upload files of any size to Ripple blockchain. Main idea behind this to store the file forever. Since Ripple blockchain is one of the fastest out there, it will allow users to store the files permanently and access them at fast speeds.

Rumors are brewing that the team behind IndImm wants to crush XRP. They want to do this by making the entire blockchain bloated with useless memes.

Right now, the cost of uploading 11MB file to Ripple blockchain is about 1 dollar. If people behind IndImm are able to upload ~1 TeraByte of memes to XRP blockchain, they will be able to ruin Ripple’s reputation, which apparently is their goal. Cost of uploading 1TB of data on Ripple’s blockchain would be 10,000 dollars.

They are even suggesting users to buy XRP and open shorts for shorting XRP to increase their profits.

IndImm is hosted on github and you can access it here.

While team behind IndImm is not openly admitting this openly, many XRP holders believe that their intention is cruel.