Gastracker blockchain explorer shuts down

gastracker shuts down

Gastracker, a popular blockchain explorer for Ethereum Classic has shut down after providing many years of faithful service to its users. Infact, Gastracker was the first blockchain explorer that allows its first users to see their Ethereum Classic (ETC) balances after the DAO fork that splitted the original Ethereum blockchain into two parts – ETH and ETC.

So why is Gastracker being closed? Its core developer, Igor Artamonov, explains on (which opens when you open, that his project did not receive any financing or support from the Ethereum Classic community.

Running a blockchain explorer of this scale can be quite costly to operate which is why the service is now being shut down.

For now, the transactions are automatically being redirected to Emerald Receipt page which an alternate to Gastracker explorer.


Emerald Receipt is also very user friendly but lacks support for tokens which were an integral part of Gastracker. If you trade or store tokens on your Ethereum Classic address, we suggest using that has token support. But if you do not trade ETC tokens, Emerald Receipt is simple and straight to the point blockchain explorer that supports ETH, ETC, tether and Dai stablecoins.

Emerald team also has made wallets for windows, MacOS and Linux. Like Emeral Receipt, it also supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tether and Dai stablecoins.