Claim Bitcoin SV (BSV) in Blockchain wallet

bitcoin sv blockchain wallet

Anyone that held 1 BCH *before* the fork will have 2 tokens after the fork – 1 BCH (ABC) and 1 BSV, aka Bitcoin SV.

The dust has settled and Blockchain wallet has introduced web support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) under Settings > Addresses in your Blockchain Wallet. You can now view and send your BSV balance, as well as exchange for BTC, ETH, BCH and Stellar XLM.

Again, official Bitcoin SV (BSV) support is not available and you can only withdraw it to another wallet / exchange or sell it for something inside the wallet.

Here are the steps on how to claim BSV in blockchain wallet.

You must use web UI for this. So if you are using mobile wallet, use “log in to web wallet” > Settings and here you will find tab for “Bitcoin SV” from where you can withdraw or swap it for supported cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and stellar lumens.

It shall be noted that Blockchain team is still monitor activity of BSV and may add full support for BSV in future. However, as said earlier, right now, they do not have plans to enable full BSV functionality.