Review: another Indian ICO scam to fool innocent – IDAP Coin reivew

idap io

There is a new ICO that has the word “scam” written all over it. The name of the ICO is IDAP and their website is It claims that it will be offering users a single click trading interface to do cryptocurrency trading. In other words, IDAP will be an exchange.

The first major red flag is the supply of the IDAP token – 1 billion. Since it is an ERC20 token, there is no mining and it is created out of thin air. They have no plans to do coin burning so, expect them to dump all of it to the innocent users once it hits any cryptocurrency exchange. Burning of 20% tokens received as fees will be burnt once supply reaches 500 million. Sounds like a scam.

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The team has zero experience in cryptocurrency world. The CEO is nothing but a cryptocurrency trader and rest of the team has no experience in crypto at all. All of them are there to make quick money – nothing else. To be honest, their poor team is the biggest red flag. It is clear that no sane cryptocurrency advisor will be supporting their scammy ICO.

In their whitepaper, it is clear that they want their stupid token to take place of BNB / KCS but look at the total supply of BNB/KCS and IDAP token. BNB/KCS supply is about 10,000% less.

Verdict – has scam written all over it. Do not invest.

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