Frontier Wallet introduces Lend and Earn

Frontier Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that has launched Lend and Earn wiht native integration of This is a simplified aggregator for optimizing lending into highest yielding protocols.

Frontier Wallet

With Frontier Wallet’s Lend and Earn feature, you will be able to get access to high lending rates in DeFi using existing mobile wallets such as coinbase wallet, metamask, Trust Wallet and Formatic via Frontier Mobile user interface.

Lending has always been one of the most used cases of DeFi. There is 610 million dollars worth of assets locked in DeFi at time of this post.

So here’s what a DeFi user would do to optimize lending position from DeFi.

* Keeps monitoring multiple DeFi protocols and checks which protocol offers the highest interest on the Asset the user wants to lend.
* Moving positions from one DeFi protocol to another.

Users can make use of Frontier mobile interface and deposit asset they wish to lend and then earn interest on it. At the same time, you will be able to keep track of your portfolio. As said earlier, Front Wallet supports most mobile wallets out there including Trust Wallet, Metamask Mobile, Fortmatic, Coinbase wallet.