MetaMask for Bitcoin Cash – Badger Wallet

Download badger wallet

If you are looking for MetaMask that is compatible with Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC), then there is a Chrome extension that lets you do exactly that plus more. It’s called Badger Wallet and it looks and feels exactly like Metamask that is designed to work only with Ethereum blockchain. Badger works with both tokens and Bitcoin Cash, so think of it like Metamask with added features.

Badger is backed by BGR – a utility token of Badger platform that allows users to fund Badger with BGR.

Like Metamask, your private keys are not exposed to merchant and anyone – your private keys never leave your computer.

The company also offers Badger Button, which allows website owners to create a button that lets them accept micro payments and payments for premium content, tipping, e-commerce and much more.

Badger Wallet is available for both Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Right now, it is under developer preview, so few extra steps are required to install it.

* Download the most recent release from the Chrome (Download) button on
* Go to chrome://extensions/ and enable developer mode in Chrome
* Drag the zip file onto the extensions page