Coinbase Wallet removed from iOS store

Coinbase Wallet removed

Coinbase wallet has been removed from iOS store which means that you cannot install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Infact, Apple is removing all wallets that offer DApp functionality as it goes against their terms and conditions.

However, the news that Apple is removing DApp browsers like Coinbase Wallet from the app store, while disappointing, shouldn’t surprise anyone. Terms of service have been clear since the beginning and we are mostly surprised it took this long. Coinbase wallet, previously known as Toshi wallet, is one the most popular cryptocurrency wallets out there.

See, Apple is a private company and is free to remove any application from its platform if it feels that it violates its terms of service.

Make sure you backup private keys or mnemonic phrase so that you can recover your funds elsewhere. Not your keys, not your coins.

On another note, the concept of a DApp browser always did seem like a workaround. It seemed like the long-term design should be a secure enclave on the phone with key-signing provided by the OS or developer kit. Any app should be able to be a DApp if it wants to.

Users who still have Coinbase wallet installed on their phone are now receiving following message which basically says that they will be doing away with the DApp functionality to become compliant with policies of the iOS store.

In order to comply with the App store policy, we may soon be removing the DApp browser functionality. If you wish to continue using DApps, you can now access most popular DApps on the desktop with the coinbase wallet by simply scanning a QR code via WalletLink.

We are pretty sure DApp functionality will be removed from all the wallet applications otherwise they will be delisted from the Apple’s iOS store.